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Structure of APQR Council

The first APQR Council will be appointed for a period of two to three years. Two members will be appointed for two years and two will be appointed for three years to provide continuity to the work of the Council. The proposed composition of a sevenā€member APQR Council is as below:

i. President of APQN Board or a member of the Executive identified by the APQN Board as Chairperson and a Board member as Co-chair.
ii. Two QA professionals with credibility to be identified by the Board from the Asia Pacific region, one within and one outside the APQN Board.
iii. Three members from stakeholder groups or partners of the initiative such as UNESCO, Association of Universities or student bodies working at Asia –Pacific regional level (Two of members will be appointed for two years).
iv. An international member from outside the Asia Pacific region, such as EQAR (appointed for two years).

The first APQR Council will be appointed by APQN Board with immediate past APQN president as Chairperson and APQN secretariat will be APQR Secretariat. The Council will have at least one face to face meeting per year in the margins of the APQN annual conference and will rely on electronic discussions to conduct its business.

Further discussion and directions
It is agreed that APQN should set up and mentor the APQR for initial 3 years as outlined above. As the number of registered bodies grows and stakeholders develop interest, it is expected that APQR can become an independent entity like EQAR.