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Asia-Pacific Quality Register (APQR)

The AGM of the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) has endorsed a proposal for the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Quality Register (APQR) as part of its Decennial agenda in 2012. APQR would be a register of external quality assurance agencies (QAAs) that demonstrated certain thresholds of maturity. An independent external review by peers would be the backbone of the APQR.

Purpose of AQPR

The Board of APQN considers the following as the primary purposes for establishing the APQR.

  • Provide an inspirational target
  • Serve as a quality hallmark and qualification to accredit HEIs/programs
  • Provide a basis for mutual recognition of cross‐border operations of QAAs and HEIs
  • Offer a reference to global stakeholders on trustworthy external QAAs in in the Asia-Pacific Region

The QAAs who have been registered and accepted onto APQR by the on-site review panel can accredit international HEIs/programs in guidance/cooperation along with APQN.

Our History
The pilot review was conducted for the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC) in Sri Lanka in June, 2012. The APQR document with a three-year-long consultation with various stakeholders was released in special meeting at Macao during 22-23 January, 2015. Thus, APQR came into effect from January 2015, and the first meeting of APQR Council was held in Kunming, China during 17‐19 April, 2015. The first formal review for the APQR was conducted for the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) in Suva during 24-26 June, 2015.

Primary Clientele

The QAAs in higher education interested in the international recognition are the primary clientele of APQR.